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Johan’s anti-frizz hair treatment transforms unruly, frizzy, and dry hair into gorgeously smooth and silky locks permanently for at least 6 months. Made with a blend of 32 natural-occurring minerals, the formula is incredibly gentle on the hair and is free from sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide and formaldehyde. The process can be done on any type of hair, even when colored or highlighted. This breakthrough treatment restores and revitalizes the hair with amazing frizz-free results without the need of time-consuming daily styling.

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Johan Roa

Hairstylist from New York, New York

I am a New York City stylist and pioneer in straightening technology. I have spent my career devoted to helping clients enhance their beauty, well-being, and confidence through their hair. Over the past decade, I have developed a safe non-toxic technique to rebuild unhealthy, dry, and frizzy hair. The results are life-changing and leave your hair healthier, smoother, and easy to manage. I am only happy when a client is completely satisfied with their look and leaves my chair feeling radiant and happy. I personally consult with each client, perform the treatment, and offer training on how to achieve effortless and beautiful styling results.


  • Review by Kari M.

    Review by Kari M.

    Let me just start by saying that finding Johan was one of the best things to ever happen to me. Although I love my curly hair, my hair was always frizzy and unmanageable. It was hard to plan outings, the gym, and work Johan and his anti-frizz treatment left my hair silky soft, super easy to manage, and frizz free!! Unlike the Brazilian keratin treatment the hair doesn't go back to being unruly after several months and it's not harsh like the Japanese. It has been over a month and my hair is still beautiful and healthy!! Call Johan today!

  • Review by Cayenne M.

    Review by Cayenne M.

    My hair was out of control! It was dry, frizzy and just plain wild. The curl patterns were all over the place. I was constantly wearing my hair in a top knot because I did not know what else to do. THEN I MET JOHAN!!! JOHAN completely transformed my hair with an ionic treatment. The results are fantastic! My hair is smooth and soft and I can actually run my fingers through it. It is so easy to maintain which has made my life a lot easier. JOHAN also has an amazing line of products that keep my hair healthy and looking great.

  • Review by Yanexa P.

    Review by Yanexa P.

    Life changing event to my hair! I had unruly, dry curls and when I did go to the salon to blow dry my hair.. instant frizz immediately and all my hard earned money for the blow out down the drain. Then I was recommended Johan.. hair transformed and is now straight, silky, smooth and manageable. Humidity does nothing to my hair and above all I can now manage my own hair! Blow dry or flat iron and the result is salon ready. Thank you Johan! If you are considering you will not regret! A definite investment for your hair.

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Are You Ready?

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